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Pursuing the Good serves as a platform for the purpose of engaging all sorts of contemporary views, ideas and beliefs. We believe that human nature is a rational substance because we as human beings are capable of rational thought, inquiry, reflection, amongst many other things of course.

David S. Oderberg, a professor of philosophy at the University of Reading, says,

[M]an has an intellect unlike any other kind of creature on earth. He is capable of reasoning about how he should live his live. He spends much of his time ordering things so that he lives a certain kind of life. He reflects on how he wants to live and proposes certain things to himself as worthy or as not worthy.

Human beings, then, as well has having intellect, possess will: they are free to choose how to order their lives — not just what objectives to pursue, but how best to achieve them. In other words, we deliberate about ends and means, and try to do so in a rational way, in accordance with the deliverance of our intellect. [1]

Pursuing the Good also exists as a blog to share new or important thoughts or ideas about anything that might perhaps be worth discussing and/or debating.

[1] David S. Oderberg, Moral Theory: A Non-consequentialist Approach (Malden, MA: Blackwell Publishing, 2000) 36-37.


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